Sounds of The Heart

Testimonials from clients and listeners.....

 Just listened to this beautiful healing gift, you harmonised my soul! Thank-you for sharing your  light Sandy"    Nicky, Australia

 I LOVE listening to your sweet voice, Sandy. You are such an inspiration and delight!    Thank you. 💓🌠🎆     Lernik, Indonesia

If you want to experience Grace, just listen to my dear friend Sandy Grace Goldstone.  Truly an amazing woman, divinely filled and ready to share her light with the world.  Such a joy to know her.       Stephanie, Hawaii

Sandy, you amaze me with your love and generosity of spirit with all who come into your life, your  an inspiration with your depth of understanding and wise counsel     Peter, Western Australia

I highly recommend tuning in to Sandy's divine transmission!.....her essence is so PURE and  vibrates with such resounding, radiant light. 😊  A literal shot of transcendental healing light for your being.  After listening in last week my sensitivity is heightened and the divine realm has started to reveal itself to me more clearly, again!  Thanks for this service to our ascension Sandy xo      Nikhil, Western Australia

The gifts of Sandy.   I treasure my time with Sandy. She has this amazing ability to calmly and gracefully bring everything into the love, joy and peace of oneness.  When I have been challenged, her uncanny insight into my situation, and support of holding loving space has been divinely timed to assist me in easily flowing through the current transition.  In her presence I feel celebrated that I may truly be me with all my flaws and foibles, even gently calling them out, allowing them to come into the light for integration. From this state of acceptance it's like a super boost to really shine my radiance to dance my life.  Thank you Sandy, we are blessed you are on the planet.       Senaja, Indonesia

I am listening to your episodes on VoiceAmerica, so beautiful vibrations, thank-you Sandy. And your voice is so calming, and I feel more present listening to you.      Iva, Western Australia

Sandy Grace Goldstone is an amazing being with incredible messages of light and love to share with the world. I am lulled into a deep soul space when she speaks.  Her words and energy touch and inspire something "bigger" in me.       Natasha, Western Australia

Tuning into Our Global Heartbeat

Sandy Goldstone | Sounds of the Heart Radio Host | Voice America 7th Wave Channel